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Welcome to the SHY Tech China Ltd

Universe Industry Limited started out as a supplier of BBQ charcoal in 1994 in countryside of Puyang city, Henan province in China. Since its humble beginnings over 19 years ago the company has developed into one of the world’s leading suppliers of charcoal tablets and briquettes, with 98% of it’s products being exported to more than 21 countries world-wide. It is the only ISO9001 certified charcoal manufacturer in China.

The company’s current products and services can be summarized as below:
instant light charcoal tablets for Shisha/Hookah/Nargile/Incense burning
BBQ charcoal briquettes with European food standard requirement
Shisha/Hookah pipes and accessories (cooperated with other business partner)
Tobacco for Shisha (cooperated with other business partner)

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