Charcoal Diary

Getting the most enjoyable Hookah-smoking experience with our nice quality charcoal

Undeniably, hookah smoking has emerged to be a favorite pastime ?individually or in groups. Setting up the hookah needs to be really perfect so that you can gain optimum enjoyment from the activity. One of the very important aspects is choosing the right kind of coal and the style of heating it.

Importance of Heat Management with the Charcoal
The perfect art of lighting the hookah is the key to deriving greatest fun from hookah-smoking. You have to burn the coals in the hookah bowl to heat it. How dexterously you manage and maintain the movement of the generated heat determines the quality of the smoking experience that you will get.
In hookah, the tobacco does not burn as it does in cigarettes. That is the reason why you use charcoals and not an open flame. Open flame will burn the tobacco into ashes. On the contrary, in hookah the charcoal burns. It helps in evaporating and vaporizing the ingredients in which the shisha tobacco has been steeped.
Now, the kind of charcoal that you choose for your hookah plays a huge role here. It will determine how nicely you can control the heat that is being produced in the hookah bowl. Our charcoals will give you the great benefit in managing the heat. Our charcoals are light and porous. Most importantly, their temperature falls when they are sitting idle. Their temperature rises only when there is suction. Since it never becomes too hot in the bowl, you get steady vapors for longer time.
Our charcoal is made of non-toxic natural materials. They burn for longer duration and do not burst.

Tips for Managing Charcoal in the Bowl for Optimal Results Never put too much coal in the hookah bowl. Excessive heat will burn the tobacco. When you see a steady line of smoke coming out of the bowl even when you are not drawing the air, just know that the tobacco leaves are burning. Wait for some time until the temperature cools down a bit.Smaller pieces of our charcoal will give you better results. Start by installing them on the outer edges of the bowl. As you proceed with smoking, you should move the pieces inwards and also change their places around the bowl. This tip will help you in getting evenly burning coals and also save the tin foil from getting charred.Make sure that you are using charcoals that are made especially for hookah. Refrain from using the charcoals that are suitable for barbecuing.Burn the charcoal evenly on all the sides. When you draw on the hose, a red glow should appear on the charcoal.

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